You can try out OpenEBS v0.4.0 on your Kubernetes Cluster using the quick start guide.

Downloads for v0.4.0

The following OpenEBS v0.4.0 containers are available at the Docker Hub.

  • openebs/jiva:0.4.0 : Storage Controller
  • openebs/m-apiserver:0.4.0 : OpenEBS Maya API Server along with the latest maya cli.
  • openebs/openebs-k8s-provisioner:0.4.0 : Dynamic OpenEBS Volume Provisioner for Kubernetes.

New v0.4.0 Features

  • Maya CLI Support for managing snapshots for OpenEBS Volumes
  • Maya CLI Support for obtaining the capacity usage statistics from OpenEBS Volumes
  • OpenEBS Volume - Dynamic Provisioner is merged into kubernetes-incubator/external-storage project
  • OpenEBS Maya API Server uses the Kubernetes scheduler logic to place OpenEBS Volume Replicas on different nodes
  • OpenEBS Maya API Server can be customized by providing ENV options through K8s YAML file for default replica count and jiva image to be used
  • OpenEBS user documentation is available at
  • OpenEBS now supports deployment on AWS, along with previously supported Google Cloud and On-premise setups
  • OpenEBS Vagrant boxes are upgraded to support Kubernetes version 1.7.5
  • OpenEBS can now be deployed within a minikube setup

Issues Fixed in v0.4.0

Known Issues in v0.4.0


Setting up OpenEBS with Kubernetes using Minikube on the Ubuntu host displayed the following error. error: error validating “openebs-operator.yaml”: error validating data: unknown object type schema.GroupVersionKind{Group:”“, Version:”v1”, Kind:”ServiceAccount”}; if you choose to ignore these errors, turn validation off with –validate=false


  1. Download a specific/compatible version, by replacing the $(curl -s portion of the command with a specific version.

    For example, to download v1.8.0 on Linux, enter the following command.

    curl -LO
  2. Make the kubectl binary executable.

    chmod +x ./kubectl
  3. Move the binary in to your PATH.

    sudo mv ./kubectl /usr/local/bin/kubectl

CI Updates with v0.4.0

  • Support for on-premise Jenkins CI for performing e2e tests
  • iSCSI compliance tests are run as part of the CI
  • CI can now be extended using a framework developer for running storage benchmark tests with vdbench or fio.
  • CI has been extended to run Percona Benchmarking tests on Kubernetes.

Deprecated with v0.4.0

The maya cli options (setup-omm, setup-osh, omm-status, osh-status) to setup and manage dedicated OpenEBS setup is removed. Starting with v0.4.0, only hyperconvergence with Kubernetes is supported.

Notes for Contributors

  • OpenEBS user documentation is currently being moved into openebs/openebs/documentation
  • OpenEBS developer documentation is currently being added to openebs/openebs/contribute
  • The deployment and e2e functionality will continue to be located in openebs/k8s and openebs/e2e respectively.
  • openebs/maya will act as a single repository for hosting different OpenEBS Storage Control plane (orchestration) components.
  • New /metrics handlers are being added to OpenEBS components to allow integration into tools like Prometheus.
  • openebs/maya/cmd/maya-agent which will be deployed as a deamon-set running along-side kubelet is being developed. maya-agent will augument the kubelet with storage management functionality.